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IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel

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IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel

IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel
IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel

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Détails sur le produit:
Lieu d'origine: La Chine Suzhou
Nom de marque: kingsun
Certification: CE,SGS,TUV,IEC,CQC,
Numéro de modèle: GT-390W-M
Conditions de paiement et expédition:
Quantité de commande min: Négociation
Prix: Negotiation
Détails d'emballage: dans la boîte en bois avec la palette
Délai de livraison: 7
Conditions de paiement: T/T
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 1000000 watts/watts par semaine

IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel

description de
Nom: Panneau solaire des prix 390w mono photovoltaïques de panneau solaire pour l'application de maison Type: Panneau solaire standard, double panneau solaire en verre, panneaux solaires de piles solaires, pann
Vue: Alliage d'aluminium anodisé Nom de produit: Système d'alimentation à énergie solaire Sun dépistant le bâti de panneau solaire
Garantie: 25 ans de garantie de puissance de sortie Connecteur: MC4 connecteur compatible, Amphenol H4/IP68
Application: Système à la maison, commercial, solaire, industriel, résidentiel/industriel/message publicitaire Boîte de jonction: IP67 évalué
Max. Power: 400W Pile solaire: poly mono

390w panneau solaire mono


40v panneau solaire mono


panneau solaire 390w

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Mono 390w Price Solar Panel For House Application


1, Description:


The energy crisis is the biggest problem in the world today. Renewable energy resources are gaining worldwide priorities to reduce reliance on traditional resources. Solar energy is gaining prompt attention as significant means of increasing uses of renewable energy. Owing to variability in the day night cycle and also owing to seasonal changes, the variability in solar energy occurs daily. World population is increasing quite rapidly. Non-renewable energy sources such as oil and coal have been extinguishing for the past decade, making it a severe problem to supply the planet with sustainable electricity. Yet, solar power plays an important primary energy role. This paper introduces a dual axis solar tracking device from which maximum solar energy can be collected by implementing the work by coding a suitable Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm for a Monocrystalline solar panel. This work is carried out using microcontroller, Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), dc motor, and Arduino.


Monocrystalline Solar Panel:
Anti reflecting coating and hightransmission rate glass increase the power output and mechanical strength of solar
Aluminum Frame: Without screw, corner connection. 10 holes on theframe realizes easy installation.
Superior Junction Box: Multi-function junction box with water proof capabilities.
Long Lifespan: >= 25 years.
Tolerance: +/-3%.
Good endurance for atrocious weather such as wind and hails.
Effective resistance to moisture and etching, free from geographic restriction.
Polycrystalline Solar Panel Complied with standards of CE, TUV and IEC.

2, parameters:


Weight 22.5kg
cells Mono crystalline 158.75×158.75
Front Glass 3.2mm
External dimension 1979×1002×40mm
Junction box IP67
Mechanical load 5400 Pa
Container 20GP/40GP
Pieces per Pallet 27/27
Pallets per Container 10/22
Pieces per Container 270/594



3, usage with Monocrystalline Solar Panel:

Solar panels, generally comprising of arrays of photovoltaic cells, use the solar energy directly from the sun to generate electricity for our daily use. Being environment friendly in nature, solar panels collect the solar energy which is available in abundance on our planet and convert it using the advanced technology developed by human beings. This invention of humans has led to a great achievement in world s history of conserving non-renewable resources and saving the planet as well as the natural resources from depletion. This concept is already famous in countries like Australia, United Kingdom and United States of America, etc. and is becoming very popular in solar panels china market as well. Even used solar panels are being used in these countries so that the installation cost reduces further and it is easy for the people to generate green energy.


4, adventage:

100% Cells Sorting

Ensure Colour and Power Difference.
Ensure high yields,consistent performance and durability,
First of 52 steps strict quality control and inspection process.

100% "Zero"

Defects Objective Before Shipment.
Most stringent acceptance criteria and tightest tolerance,
Ensure the best modules on the market- guaranteed!

100% Optimal Testing

Ensure 3% Positive Power Tolerance
Comprehensive QC information management system

5, FAQ

Q one.Do you have MOQ?
Depands on different ideas, Can be negotiated.The larger the quantity is, the competitive the unit price will be.
Q two.Should the customer pay the delivery fee,How much is it?
For the delivery fee,many samples are be requested to be sent,so we must get delivery fee.
If you tell me to use the appointed Express,you will give me your express account or you will pay according to the Express.
If you do not request,I will choose a cheap one in China.
Q three .How about the after sale service?
1)We will always keep the quality the same with the same and if there is something with the quality,we will make compensaton for our coustomers.
2)We will suggest our packing and take charge in our packing,we will keep the goods safe in the delivery.
3)We will trace the goods from the production to selling,we will slove the problems in the selling for our coustomers.
Q four.When can I get a price?
We usually quote within 24hours after we get your inquiry.

6, More picture:



IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 0



IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 1IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 2IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 3

IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 4

IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 5






IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 6 Frame
> Conventional frame
> Silver or black frames are optional
> Boost bearing capability and prolong service life
> Serrated-clip design tensile strength
> Seal-lip designglue injection
Junction box
> Conventional standalone edition and engineering custom edition
> Quality diode ensures module running safety
> IP67 protection level
> Heat dissipation
> Long service life
IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 7
IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 8 Solar Cell
> High Efficiency PV Cells
> Appearance Consistency
> Color sorting ensure consistent appearance on each module
> Anti-PID
> Antireflective glass
> Translucency of normal luminance is increased by 2%
> Module efficiency is increased by 2%
> Self-cleaning function
> Service life is as long as 25 years (30 years optional)
IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 9


Product Packing


IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 10


Product Processing

IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 11



IEC Waterproof House 390 Watt Mono Solar Panel 12



* For System-wide Solutions
In association with partners, Kingsun provides complete components for both on-grid and off-grid PV systems: from solar panels to batteries, combiner boxes, inverters, cables and mounting structures. This enables us to offer more customized PV solutions to our clients based on their various requests.
* Quality assurance
1. Vinner is equiped with world advanced computer driving production lines
2. Whole set of pure water processor line featured with RO anti-saturation and advanced testing devices
3. Manufactured in Class 100,000 Cleanroom

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